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Our Aussies



Pax is our red merle Australian Shepherd sire. He is a keenly intelligent and soulful dog who was also gifted with striking beauty. Seeing Pax jump through our wood rail fence at full sprint is truly inspiring. He is both courageous in spirit and gentle. Of all the dogs we have owned, Pax is the most attentive, and he expresses the strongest desire to help, no matter the activity. We are very proud of Pax, and we feel truly blessed to have him.

Pax has outsmarted each of us at one time, or another. He seems to plan ahead, and often responds appropriately to human-to-human conversations, even when he is not included in the topic. 

We did not train Pax for competition, but we should have. He has a strong desire to work alongside us, and he has a joyful and quick athleticism. Pax has a noble yet friendly bearing; he is impressive.

He is calm indoors, eager to play, and always desiring to help with whatever work is at hand. He will announce the arrival of new cars to our property, but otherwise rarely barks. 

Pedigree: AKC



Zoe is our red tri Australian Shepherd dam. She is the offspring of Rider and Rein from Boyd Ranch, who come from Tucker Creek, Rising Sun, and Cut'n Loose lines. She is a distant descendent of Certik-Bertik.

Zoe is full of love and quick in both mind and body. She is very sweet and frequently melts the hearts of visitors. Zoe is calm and cuddly when inside, and full of life and pleasantly vivacious when outside. If she could, she would play with people all day.

Zoe has strong herding instincts and is fearless around cattle.

Zoe's temperament is calm indoors, but she is always ready to be on the go. She is very loving and deeply devoted to her family. 

Pedigree: AKC | ASCA

Zoe and Pax playing frisbee with our son:

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